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Party Rental Insurance

Cossio Insurance Agency is known throughout the entertainment industry as the leading party rental insurance provider in the nation. Our friendly customer service, knowledge of the industry, online applications & years of experience in the industry makes us stand out from the rest. In fact, Insurance for Party Rentals is our specialty; we do more business with party rental companies than with any of our other entertainment programs combined!

Devices that we see getting the most claims are Inflatable Slides, Mechanical Bulls, Trackless Trains, Sumo, Knocker Ball & Jousts. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t have these items in your inventory. Just be aware that safety and supervision is very important with these types of items as well as any inflatable.


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    NOTE: This is only a ROUGH ESTIMATE for party rental insurance and not a formal quote. Quote price reflects 3 years without any claims and includes General Liability & Accident Medical.. Additional discounts and or charges may apply, rates may vary by state. To get an actual quote please fill out an application .

    Other Recommended Coverages

    On top of your party rental general liability insurance policy there are some additional types of coverage that you may need to make sure that your business is fully covered.

    Workers Compensation

    This insurance coverage is a requirement in most states if you have employees. It provides coverage for bodily injury, medical bills, loss of income, death for all employees, full time or part time.
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    Inland Marine (Property)

    This provides coverage for your business property for fire, theft, vandalism on premises, or if Inland Marine while off premises. If you cannot afford to lose your inventory to theft or fire, this is an important coverage to purchase. You need to make sure your jumpers are protected!
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    Commercial Auto

    Your personal auto policy has an exclusion for business use so you will have no coverage under your current auto insurance policy. A commercial auto policy will cover you for both business use and personal use. If you use a trailer to carry your rentals to the location add this unto your policy.
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    Cyber Liability Coverage

    Cyber Liability coverage is especially important if you process credit cards or obtain personal information from customers.
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    Mechanical Bull Coverage

    If you have Mechanical Bulls you will need to fill out a supplemental mechanical bull application.

    Download Mechanical Bull Supplement


    How much money can you make with a party rental business?

    New party rental businesses usually start out with around 3-4 units which will bring in around $10,000 per year. If some of this income is used to add on a few more units a new company can expect to make around $15,000 for their first year. Of course as with any business the amount of money you will make will depend on a variety of factors. For example a party rental business owner in Florida or Texas can operate more months of the year than a business owner in New York. A certain amount of marketing is also necessary as is true with any business.

    Approximately what percent of new bounce house rental companies fail after the first year & why?

    We are seeing around a 10% failure rate for 1st year business & a 15-20% failure rate for 2nd year businesses. The party rental business has the potential to make a lot of money, so what are these businesses doing wrong? Here are a couple of things that contribute to the failure of new party rental business owners: 1. They don’t have a system marketing website Facebook page. 2. No business background. 3. In order to get business some owners copy another companies rates and lower than by 10-20%. While this gets them business in the short term this take 10-20% off of money that could have been used to reinvest in business.

    Does Cossio Insurance offer one day event coverage?

    We do offer one day event insurance at a minimum premium of $1,000. If you are looking for one day event coverage please call the office at 864-688-0121 to speak to one of our party rental experts.

    What does Inland Marine cover?

    This is coverage for your equipment itself. This policy will cover your equipment against fire, theft or vandalism, where ever your equipment is (stored, transit, or at a party).

    How is the premium calculated for Inland Marine coverage?

    The premium will depend on the value of your equipment.

    What do I need to get a quote for Inland Marine Coverage?

    Completed inventory list, serial numbers and value of all units.

    What is an additional Insured?

    An individual or entity that is not automatically included as an insured under the policy of another, but for whom the named insured’s policy provides a certain degree o Pf protection. A general liability policy only provides defense coverage for the named insured, which means the corporation, LLC, officers, members, employees or volunteers. If you have sub-contractors coming into your business or activity you need to request insurance coverage from them with limits of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence and name you as additional insured. We would recommend that you do this for their general liability, commercial auto and workers compensation.

    When do I need an Endorsement?

    An endorsement is typically required to effect additional insured status.

    What is Pay for Play?

    Pay for play is a phrase used for a variety of situations in which money is charged per a person for the privilege to (play) in the inflatables. For example if someone sets up an inflatable at a park and charges for each child to jump in the inflatable that would be consider pay for play. Party Rentals are not considered pay for play. An example would be renting a bounce house out for a birthday party, even though the people are paying to use the inflatable, they are not charging each child to jump in the inflatable, so this is not pay for play.

    Can we insure Mechanical Bulls that are inside of bars?

    It is much harder to find coverage at an affordable rate for mechanical bulls inside of bars. For this reason, please give us a call to discuss your insurance options.

    Why is it harder to insure Mechanical Bulls inside of bars?

    It is harder to insure mechanical bulls inside of bars because of the risk of liability involved. The fact that intoxicated persons will be riding the bulls makes the liability risk very high which means that the premium can get very high as well.

    Party Rental Safety Checklist: A great tool available to our customers is the Party Rental Safety Checklist . This app encourages safe installation of inflatable devices by having the installer go through an installation checklist and take photos of the unit after it is installed. Having photos of the device as it was set up will protect you in the event that customers move the unit and secure it in a way that is not safe.