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Entertainer Insurance from the CIA

Entertainer Insurance / Insurance for Artists

We provide entertainers insurance for performers operating as independent contractors. Performing artists, musicians & visual artists can all receive insurance coverage such as: general liability, professional liability, property insurance, workers compensation, special events, vendor insurance & more! General Liability Limits are provided at $1,000,000 Per Occurrence / $2,000,000 Aggregate. We also provide insurance for a variety of different classes such as dance studio classes & music classes. Need that proof of insurance quick to get into that venue? At Cossio Insurance Agency we understand the importance of getting that certificate of insurance quickly and can usually have it for you in a couple of hours. The online request form makes the process quick and painless.

We represent different insurance carriers which allow us to provide you as an entertainer/artist with the best insurance rates and coverage. Don't trust your business to just anyone, trust it to the CIA, we have ways of making things happen for you!! We provide entertainers insurance to the following performing artists and many more... Actors, Belly Dancers, Bands, Musicians, Clowns, Comedians, Contortionists, Dancers, Holiday Characters, Hawaiian Dancers, Impersonators, Impressionists, Jugglers, Magicians, Mimes, Individual Musicians, Poets, Puppeteers, Singers, Story Tellers, Ventriloquists & Country Western Performers. Fill out an application or give us a call at 864-688-0121.

Other Coverage

On top of your regular entertainer insurance policy there are some additional policies that you may need to make sure that your business is fully covered.

Workers Compensation

This coverage is a requirement in most states if you have employees. It provides coverage for bodily injury, medical bills, loss of income, death for all employees, full time or part time.

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Professional Liability

This coverage will provide defense against negligence claims made by a client. This is also known as Errors & Omissions insurance.

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Special Events

Special Events coverage will cover the event itself. Just the basic entertainer insurance covers only the entertainer not the event itself.

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Commercial Auto

Your personal auto policy has an exclusion for business use so you will have no coverage under your current auto insurance policy. A commercial auto policy will cover you for both business use and personal use. If you use a trailer to carry your rentals to the location add this unto your policy.

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