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Paintball Insurance from the CIA

Paintball Insurance

The CIA has been insuring Paintball fields since 1996, from the smallest to the largest fields in the USA. In November 2007 we unveiled a new insurance program designed to provide the field owner with more options, better coverage and the lowest pricing program in the USA.

Get great coverage, great price and great service from a staff that cares and listens. We provide insurance with four different carriers based on your individual business. The other associations apparently only offer one. We are the only agents licensed in all 50 states in the Paintball industry and our programs are designed to provide field owners with huge savings over American Paintball League and NSERA with no more association dues!

We can provide Paintball store insurance, Paintball field insurance, product liability for manufacturers, and workers compensation. Take advantage of our 30 years' experience and give our experienced staff an opportunity to work for you.

Other Applications

On top of your regular Paintball insurance policy there are some additional policies that you may need to make sure that your business is fully covered.

Workers Compensation

This coverage is a requirement in most states if you have employees. It provides coverage for bodily injury, medical bills, loss of income, death for all employees, full time or part time.

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Inland Marine (Property)

This provides coverage for your business property for fire, theft, vandalism on premises, or if Inland Marine while off premises. If you cannot afford to lose your inventory to theft or fire, this is an important coverage to purchase.

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Paintball Store

If you need insurance for your Paintball store please fill out this supplemental application.

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Special Events

If you are holding any special events our tournaments at your field you will need special event insurance to make sure that you are fully covered.

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EZ Renewal

PLEASE NOTE: You will be sent an email with a link to a renewal application that is prefilled with your information to complete. You do not need to fill out both applications.

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Paintball Insurance PDF

If for some reason you are unable to fill out the Paintball application online you can download this PDF version to complete.

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Cyber Liability Coverage

Cyber Liability coverage is especially important if you process credit cards or obtain personal information from customers.

Download Cyber Liability Application

Testimonials from Paintball Customers

"In dealing with Larry Cossio and Cossio Insurance for our fields for the last 13 years, we have found that the service is outstanding. You call and you get immediate answers and action from them. We feel like we have the best coverage with the best agent in the Paintball Industry... wouldn't think of going anywhere else!"
Dean Del Prete, Cousins Paintball Inc

"When it comes to insurance, you can't be too thorough with who is providing you with coverage. After talking with Larry Cossio for nearly four hours, I knew that is who I wanted to insure Paintball Central. I learned more in one sitting with Larry than in years of fighting through policies and waiting on responses to a question from other insurers. I would recommend CIA insurance to anyone in the Paintball business, he certainly knows insurance!"
Rob Staudinger, Paintball Central

"After a year of being insured through Cossio we can honestly say that the coverage and level of service actually exceeds what we were paying for before. My only regret is that we didn't act sooner to take advantage of the significant amount of savings offered by Cossio Insurance."
Carl, Top Gun Paintball Games Inc

"Deuce and I have used Larry Cossio for Liability and Building Insurance for several years for both EMR Paintball Park and our team Blue's Crew as he offers a good coverage package at very good prices. I also recently purchased life insurance for both my wife and myself from Larry at very competitive prices. Larry has always taken care of all our insurance needs quickly and efficiently as well as sold us high quality Paintball netting and good barrel covers. He and his wife, Marcela, have become good friends of ours over the years as well as business associates."
Michael Hanse, EMR Paintball Park

"Thanks alot guys! Great service and helpful customer service makes Cossio number one for me."
Brad Ledford, Old Town Paintball, Inc.


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NOTE: Please remember that this is only a ROUGH ESTIMATE and not a formal quote. Quote price is for someone who has had insurance for 3 years without any claims. Additional discounts and or charges may apply. To get an actual quote please fill out an application.

  • Estimate of how many players on a Saturday:
  • Estimate of how many players on a Sunday:
  • How many months per year will you be open for business taking weather in consideration?

  • Estimated sales of pro shop items separate of field rental sales:

  • Are you a tournament promoter?

  • Are you a new business (less than 3 years)?
    What modes of fire do you allow?
    Overnight Campers?
    Estimated Total:
    Total No. of players Base Add Premium New Business Surcharge % Modes of Fire Surcharge % Surcharge % gl premium subtotal % Accident medical SC Tax Filing Fee Application Fee
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