Man Struggling to Keep Party Rental Business Afloat After Theft

Man Struggling to Keep Party Rental Business Afloat After Theft

In Fresno, California one Party Rental owner is facing extreme financial difficulty due to the theft of most of his inflatable devices and the trailer he had them stored on. The trailer and inflatabes were stolen in the middle of the day and the thieves cut through cut through multiple locks and chains to get the trailer unhooked.

The owner was still making payments on the inflatable devices that were stolen. Unfortunately, the man did not have Inland Marine coverage on his inflatables. Inland Marine insurance coverage and Loss of Business insurance coverage could have saved this man a lot of headache.

Since he didn’t have property insurance on the inflatables and only has two other inflatable devices, it has been very hard for him to get his money back . He has had to take on a side job delivering newspapers in order to try to earn the money back for his inflatables & support himself.

Can you afford the loss of some or all of your inflatables? If not, please give your CIA agent a call at 864-688-0121 to add Inland Marine coverage to your policy.


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