Escape Room Safety

Escape Room Safety

Escape Rooms are unique attractions where players are “trapped” inside of a themed room and need to solve puzzles in order to escape the room. The use of special props and the nature of the game pose unique safety concerns that other types of businesses may not have to worry about.

Operators Must Have the Ability to Quickly Override or Unlock any Locks

Participants must be able to easily escape in the event of a medical emergency, fire, active shooter or other types of emergencies. There have been lawsuits filed against escape rooms over the participants unable to escape. Read More

Different Types of Locks

There are different types of locks and padlocks that you can use in your escape room games. Some of these locks would be easier to open up in an emergency than others.

  1. Combination Padlock: If using combination padlocks, it would be a good idea to only put these types of locks on items that need to be locked. Do not use a combination lock on a person.
  2. Key-Based: If key based padlocks are used, their needs to be a master key in easy reach of employees.
  3. TSA Approved: TSA approved padlocks are both combination locks and able to be opened up with a master key. This would be a good alternative if you are set on using a combination padlock with a person.
  4. Electronic Padlocks: Electronic padlocks can add some high tech fun to your locks and can be easily opened by anyone who knows the code. (Operators should know the codes)

Participants Should be Supervised

Escape Room’s have a lot of props, that in the hands of the wrong person could lead to injury. Escape Room’s need to have cameras installed as well as two-way speakers so that the escape room operator and participants can talk back and forth. Operators need to look out for potential injuries and stop the players. For example if one of the players is trying to stand on top of a wobbly table to get a better look at a clue. The operator should get on the speaker and inform the players that they must not stand on any of the props for their own safety.

Clearly Marked Emergency Exits

The escape room fire in Poland that killed have brought a lot of attention to the fire safety requirements in escape rooms. After the escape room fire, Fire Fighters in NYC shut down four escape rooms over fire safety violations. Have you fire exits clearly marked and make sure you have enough fire alarms installed.

Avoid and Block of Any Potential Hazards

As with any type of business you are liable if a person is injured at your business. Follow basic safety precautions such as putting up wet floor signs when floors are wet and blocking access to any potentially dangerous areas. Make sure that clearly posted safety signs explain to the participants what is expected of them. This should also be reinforced by a safety talk before the game and having the participants sign a waiver. If you a customer of Cossio Insurance we have a free digital waiver program that you can take advantage of.

Electrical Wiring

Many escape rooms use special wiring in their props. Special wiring should always be done by a professional in order to prevent a fire. The fatal fire in the Poland escape room was believed to have been caused by some faulty electrical wiring used in one of the props.

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