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Looking for car insurance in the Murrieta area? The CIA will provide coverage for your vehicle at a great price and value. We have coverages that will fit all your automobile insurance needs; personal car insurance, commerical auto insurance & insurance for collector cars. Note: If you are planning to use your personal auto for business use please note that most personal car insurance policies will only cover the vehicle for personal use and not business use. If you will be using your vehicle for work or your business you will most likely need to have a separate commercial auto insurance policy.

Finding coverage for your automobile has never been easier! We are brokers which means that we do all the shopping around for you to make sure that you are getting the best possible price on your car insurance. West Coast & Murrieta Customers: Give Carol Stickles a call today at 951-677-3030 to get an estimate on your Auto Insurance or fill out the application below to get started on a quote. Carol's office is based in Murrieta, California and she is able to provide auto insurance for all 50 states. If you have any questions call Carol at 951-677-3030. East Coast Customers can also call our main branch in South Carolina at 864-688-0121 to get a quick quote on car insurance.


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Your personal auto policy has an exclusion for business use so you will have no coverage under your current auto insurance policy. A commercial auto policy will cover you for both business use and personal use. If you use a trailer to carry your rentals to the location add this unto your policy.

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