Inflatable Wind Speed Advisory

Inflatable Wind Speed Advisory

Every year there are numerous accidents involving inflatable devices getting tossed up in the air by strong wind gusts. Some of the incidents are freak weather events, while others could have been prevented if the operators had been keeping a better eye on the weather and the wind speeds.

Recent Inflatable Accidents Involving Wind Speed

On July 14, 2019 a strong wind blew a bounce house with three children 10 feet up into a power line. One of the children, a 9 year old named Lizzy later died from her injuries. The 911 call came in around 4 pm that day. According to “Time and Date” it looks like there were wind speeds of up to 22 mph during that time in Reno, where the accident took place. When the wind speed is between 19-24 mph all inflatable devices not meant for use over 25 mph need to be deflated immediately.

Wind Speeds During the Incident

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Hammond and two other children were playing in a bounce house in Reno, Nevada last Sunday when the bounce house was lifted about 10 feet into the air by the wind, getting caught in neighborhood power lines.

Washoe County Sheriff’s Office

Recognizing When the Wind Speed is Dangerous for Inflatables

The chart below describes the way the appear at certain wind speeds and reminds you when you need to deflate your devices.

Adapted Beaufort Wind Scale (Estimated wind speeds)

0-3 mphCalm Wind, Not seen in trees or felt on skinKeep an eye on the weather
4-7 mphLeaves Rustle, Wind Felt On SkinKeep an eye on the weather
8-12 mphLeaves & Twigs in Constant MotionKeep an eye on the weather
13-18 mphDust & Loose Paper Start FlyingDeflate devices not designed for use over 15 mph
19-24 mphSmaller Trees SwayDeflate devices not designed for use over 25 mph
25+ mphLarger Trees in MotionDeflate ALL inflatable devices


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